Lok Sabha poll 2014: Know more about Phase 6 (April 24)

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Bangalore, April 22: The sixth phase of the nine-phase Lok Sabha election will be held in 11 states and one Union Territory on April 24 (Thursday). One-hundred and seventeen constituencies will go the election on that day. Here is a look at the 2009 results in 29 constituencies of those in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and the Union Territory of Pondicherry.

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Constituency: 1

Anantnag: In 2009, National Conference's MM Beg defeated People's Democratic Party's PM Hussain by 5,224 votes (difference in vote-share was 1.6%)


Constituency: 1

Puducherry: In 2009, Congress's Narayanasamy defeated Pattali Makkal Katchi's M Ramadass by 91,772 votes (differenced in vote-share was 15.1%)


Constituencies: 5

Alwar: In 2009, Congress's Jitendra Singh defeated BJP's Dr Kiran Yadav by 1,56,619 votes (difference in vote-share was 20.5%)

Bharatpur: In 2009, Congress's Ratan Singh defeated BJP's Khemchand by 81,454 votes (difference in vote-share was 14.5%)

Karauli-Dholpur (SC): In 2009, Congress's Khiladi Lal Bairwa defeated BJP's Dr Manoj Rajoria by 29,723 votes (difference in vote-share was 6.1%)

Dausa (ST): In 2009, Independent Kirodi Lal defeated BJP's Qummer Rubbani by 1,37,759 votes (difference in vote-share was 16.4%)

Tonk-Sawai Madhopur: In 2009, Congress's Namo narain defeated BJP's Kirori Singh Bainsla by 317 votes (difference in vote was none)

The Congress won 4 of the 5 seats in Rajasthan that will go to the polls on April 24. An Independent candidate won the remaining one.


Constituencies: 12

Hathras (SC): In 2009, RLD's Sarika Singh defeated BSP's Rajendra Kumar by 36,852 votes (difference in vote-share was 5.7%)

Mathura: In 2009, RLD's Jayant Chowdhury defeated BSP's Shyam Sunder Sharma by 1,69,613 votes (difference in vote-share was 23.3%)

Agra (SC): In 2009, BJP's Dr Ramshankar defeated BSP's Kunwar Chand by 9,715 votes (difference in vote-share was 1.5%)

Fatehpur Sikri: In 2009, BSP's Seema Upadhyay defeated Congress's Raj Babbar by 9,936 votes (difference in vote-share was 1.4%)

Firozabad: In 2009, SP's Akhilesh Yadav defeated BSP's Prof. SP Singh Baghel by 67,301 votes (difference in vote-share was 9.8%)

Mainpuri: In 2009, SP's Mulayam Singh Yadav defeated BSP's Vinay Shakya by 1,73,069 votes (difference in vote-share was 24.8%)

Etawah: In 2009, SP's Premdas defeated BSP's Gaurishanker by 46,746 votes (difference in vote-share was 7.3%)

Hardoi (SC): In 2009, SP's Usha Verma defeated BSP's Ram Kumar Kuril by 92,935 votes (difference in vote-share was 16.2%)

Farrukhabad: In 2009, Congress's Salman Khurshid defeated BSP's Naresh Chandra Agrawal by 27,199 votes (difference in vote-share was 4.5%)

Etah: In 2009, Independent Kalyan Singh R O Madholi defeated BSP's Kunwar Devendra Singh Yadav by 1,28,268 votes (difference in vote-share was 22.6%)

Kannauj: In 2009, SP's Akhilesh Yadav defeated BSP's Dr Mahesh Chandra Verma by 1,15,864 votes (difference in vote-share was 15.6%)

Akbarpur: In 2009, Congress's Rajaram Pal defeated BSP's Anil Shukla Warsi by 32,043 votes (difference in vote-share was 5%)

The SP won 5 of the 12 constituencies going to the polls on April 24. The Congress and RLD won 2 constituencies each while the BJP and BSP won 1 each. One constituency was won by an Independent.


Constituencies: 10

Dewas (SC): In 2009, Congress's Sajjan Singh verma defeated BJP's Thavarchand Gehlot by 15,457 votes (difference in vote-share was 2%)

Ujjain (SC): In 2009, Congress's Guddu Premchand defeated BJP's Dr Satyanarayan Jatiya by 15,841 votes (difference in vote-share was 2.4%)

Mandsour: In 2009, Congress's Meenakshi Natarajan defeated BJP's Dr Laxminarayan Pandeya by 30,819 votes (difference in vote-share was 4%)

Ratlam (ST): In 2009, Congress's Kantilal Bhuria defeated BJP's Dileepsingh Bhuria by 57,668 votes (difference in vote-share was 9%)

Dhar (ST): In 2009, Congress's Gajendra Singh Rajukhedi defeated BJP's Mukam Singh Kirade by 2,661 votes (difference in vote-share was 0.4%)

Indore: In 2009, BJP's Sumitra Mahajan defeated Congress's Satynarayan Patel by 11,480 votes (difference in vote-share was 1.4%)

Khargone (ST): In 2009, BJP's Makansingh Solanki defeated Congress's Balaram Bachchan by 34,175 votes (difference in vote-share was 4.5%)

Khandwa: In 2009, Congress's Arun Subhashchandra Yadav defeated BJP's Nandkumar Singh Chauhan by 49,081 votes (difference in vote-share was 6%)

Betul (ST): In 2009, BJP's Jyoti Dhurve defeated Congress's Ojharam Evane by 97,317 votes (difference in vote-share was 15.3%)

Vidisha: In 2009, BJP's Sushma Swaraj defeated SP's Choudhary Munabbar Salim by 3,89,844 votes (difference in vote-share was 70.1%)

The Congress won 6 out of the 10 constituencies in Madhya Pradesh that will go to the election on April 24. The BJP won the remaining 4.


Constituencies: 19

Nandurbar (ST): In 2009, Congress's Gavit Manikrao Hodlya defeated BJP's Natawadkar Suhas Jayant by 79,949 votes (difference in vote-share was 10.4%)

Dhule: In 2009, BJP's Sonawane Pratap Narayanrao defeated Congress's Amarishbhai Rasiklal Patel by 19,419 votes (difference in vote-share was 2.9%)

Jalgaon: In 2009, BJP's AT Nana Patil defeated NCP's Adv. Vasantrao Jivanrao More by 96,020 votes (difference in vote-share was 14.6%)

Raver: In 2009, BJP's Haribhau Madhav Jawale defeated NCP's Adv. Ravindra Pralhadrao Patil by 28,218 votes (difference in vote-share was 3.9%)

Jalna: In 2009, BJP's Danve Raosaheb Dadarao Patil defeated Dr. Kale Kalyan Vaijinathrao by 8,482 votes (difference in vote-share was 1.1%)

Aurangabad: In 2009, Shiv Sena's Chandrakant Khaire defeated Congress's Uttamsingh Rajdharsingh Pawar by 33,014 votes (difference in vote-share was 5.5%)

Dindori (ST): In 2009, BJP's Chavan Harishchandra Deoram defeated NCP's Zirwal Narhari Sitaram by 37,347 votes (difference in vote-share was 5.5%)

Nashik: In 2009, NCP's Sameer Bhujbal defeated MNS's Godse Hemant Tukaram by 22,032 votes (difference in vote-share was 3.4%)

Palghar (ST): In 2009, Bahujan Vikas Aaghadi's (BVA) Jadhav Baliram Sukur defeated BJP's Adv. Chintaman Vanga by 12,360 votes (difference in vote-share was 1.7%)

Bhiwandi: In 2009, Congress's Taware Suresh Kashinath defeated BJP's Jagannath Shivram Patil by 41,364 votes (difference in vote-share was 7.1%)

Kalyan: In 2009, Shiv Sena's Anand Prakash Paranjape defeated NCP's Davkhare Vasant Shankarrao by 24,202 votes (difference in vote-share was 4.4%)

Thane: In 2009, NCP's Dr Sanjeev Ganesh Naik defeated Shiv Sena's Chaugule Vijay Laxman by 49,020 votes (difference in vote-share was 6.5%)

Mumbai North: In 2009, Congress's Sanjay Nirupam defeated BJP's Ram Naik by 5,779 votes (difference in vote-share was 0.8%)

Mumbai North West: In 2009, Congress's Gurudas Kamat defeated Shiv Sena's Gajanan Kirtikar by 38,387 votes (difference in vote-share was 5.4%)

Mumbai North East: In 2009, NCP's Sanjay Dina Patil defeated defeated BJP's Kirit Somaiya by 2,933 votes (difference in vote-share was 0.4%)

Mumbai North Central: In 2009, Congress's Priya Dutt defeated BJP's Mahesh Jethmalani by 1,74,555 votes (difference in vote-share was 26.3%)

Mumbai South Central: In 2009, Congress's Eknath Gaikwad defeated Shiv Sena's Suresh Anant Gambhir by 75,706 votes (difference in vote-share was 12.6%)

Mumbai South: In 2009, Congress's Milind Deora defeated MNS's Bala Nandgaonkar by 1,12,682 votes (difference in vote-share was 17.6%)

Raigad: In 2009, Shiv Sena's Anant Geete defeated Congress's Barrister AR Antulay by 1,46,521 votes (difference in vote-share was 19%)

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