Karnataka MLAs in a resort- Original plan was to keep them under surveillance

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Bengaluru, June 6: The original plan was to keep all the independent MLAs in Karnataka under surveillance. However, the plan was later changed and the politicians of Karnataka resorted to what they know best- send the MLAs to a resort.

Parked in the J W Marriott hotel in Juhu, Mumbai, the MLAs are set to remain there until June 9.


Karnataka is scheduled to vote in the Rajya Sabha polls on June 10th. A day back several independent MLAs were taken away by a Congress leader to Mumbai to ensure that no other party contacts them.

The votes of these MLAs are crucial for the Congress which took a major risk in fielding a third candidate for the Rajya Sabha.

Surveillance plan dropped:

Many had discussed that sending the MLAs to the resort would lead to wide spread criticism. While some were in talks with the MLAs to ensure that the they voted for K C Ramamurthy the third RS candidate, others felt that it is not exactly a fool proof plan.

If the MLAs were in Karnataka, then the JD(S) which needs 5 votes to elect its candidate would easily get in touch with them. The Congress has no problems in electing two of its candidates. However for the third candidate they are falling short of 12.

The entire exercise was to ensure that the Congress gets the votes to push Ramamurthy into the Rajya Sabha. The Congress is also banking on the votes of 5 JD(S) rebel MLAs. The Chief Minister of Karnataka was however upset with the news being played up.

He asked what is wrong if a few MLAs fly out with our party. He however termed it as a co-incidence while also adding that he was not aware of why the MLAs had flown out of the state.

The BJP is however out of the spotlight in this episode. Apart from its full strength it needs just one vote to push its candidate into the RS. It is banking the vote of a KJP MLA.

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