Greenopia, the smart gardening app will 'water your plants'!

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Bengaluru, July 15: Many of us like gardening as a hobby, but at time times, beginners in gardening find it difficult to learn the process of taking care of home gardening. And there are some who are reluctant to go for a long planned holiday thinking about the home gardening.

Now, here comes a good news for them, Greenopia, a smart gardening app, that can do the job of a smart gardener.


What is Greenopia?

It is a smart gardening kit which consists of one or more smart pots and a mobile application. This kit helps the user to monitor and take good care of their plants. The smart pot has a water reservoir equipped with a motor that is activated through the app allowing the user to water their plants from wherever they are.

The smart pot also has sensors to detect whether your plant is receiving enough water, sunlight, you can even check and control the soil moisture. The user can do all these activities as long as your mobile has signal.

Right now, Greenopia is all set to build a community to help the users share their pictures and experiences with other users of app.

Greenopia is the result of design talent challenge that was conducted in 2014. The greenopia team consist of tecnologists, entrepreneurs, gardening experts, researchers, product designers, user experience designers and managers from NID, NIT, and IIM-Ahemdabad.

The founding team consists of Mayukhini Pande, who heads the Research at Greenopia , Devyani Jain, the UX design lead, Mani HK, the CEO and Veethika Mishra, the visual designer. Sudhakhar Damodaran, headed innovation in the Infosys Design Unit and is now a full time farmer and their Chief farming expert.

The kit and the app will be available from November 2015.

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