Five points on which Kejriwal will give tough fight to BJP, Congress

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Bangalore, Dec 20: After the recent Delhi assembly elections 2013, the way Aam Aadmi Party won many seats, it is clear that the people are looking for a change in the system.

People are specially looking out for a government that will genuinely look at the development aspect, particularly those who care for the poor.

The way AAP declined Congress's unconditional support and didn't form the government with them, instead, came amidst people and asked their opinion, it won't come as a surprise if AAP turns out to becoming one of the main parties in the next 10 years.

Here are five important points that distinguish AAP, work in their favour, and give a tough fight to BJP and Congress.

Benefit of being upset with Congress

Even the Muslim voters who have been supporting Congress with their votes for several years, have realised that they are simply a "vote bank" for the party. And in these troubling times, Arvind Kejriwal and AAP has come as a good option for everyone.

Benefit of a clean image

Where on the one hand, BJP and Congress are carrying a corrupt image on them, Kejriwal, being in revenue department, has a very clean image on them. Firght against corruption being their primary motto, people have started relying on them.



AAP is a threat to regional parties

Alert and young voters are now not willing to vote for the regional parties who are literally struggling to stay in power. They would definitely vote for a youth-oriented, secular and development-oriented party in the form of AAP.



AAP can definitely become an option for the youths

Looking around, AAP is the only party that doesn't endorse any particular caste or religion. Even family ruling system is absent in this party. That is like a fresh breath for the young generation.



No hunger for power

Arvind Kejriwal and AAP has not shown the hunger for power yet. Earlier they also said thet they have no intention of coming to power. They want to sit in the opposition and make the changes for the good.

Now this is definitely new and could be called the USPs of AAP!



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