February 18 in history: Multi-talented Michelangelo died in 1564

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Bengaluru, Feb 18: Today is Wednesday, February 18, 2015. What happened on this day in history? Oneindia takes a look at the past:


1546: German leader of Protestant Reformation Martin Luther died.

1564: Italian painter, sculptor and architect Michelangelo died.

1745: Inventor of battery Alessandro Volta was born.

1836: Ramkrishna Paramhansa was born.

1861: Victor Emmanuel II became the first King of Italy

1885: Mark Twain's The Adentures of Huckleberry Finn was published.

1907: 600,000 tons of grain were sent to Russia as relief for famine.

1930: Planet Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh, an American astronomer.

1932: Manchuria formally declared independent.

1943: German General Erwin Rommel took control of three towns in Tunisia in North Africa.

1953: First 3-D movie Bwana Devil opened in New York.

1954: East and West Berlin drop propaganda leaflets on east other after the end of one-month truce.

1962: Former New York Senator Robert F Kennedy said US troops will stay in Vietnam until Communism was defeated.

1964: The US cut off military aid to five nations for keeping trade relations with Cuba.

1982: Mexico devalued the peso by 30 per cent to fight economic slide.

2001: FBI agent Robert Philip Hanssen was arrested and charged with spying for Russia.

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