Exclusive: International community can't do much on terror, says former Dutch PM

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Bengaluru, Dec 19: "The international community can not do much if the countries themselves can not address the issue," former prime minister of the Netherlands and former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Ruud Lubbers told Oneindia when asked about terrorism in an exclusive conversation at Sneh Mela here on Thursday.

Lubbers, along with many other dignitaries of international and national fame, were among the participants at Sneh Mela, a multi-faith gathering held at the initiative of renowned spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar at the Art of Living International Centre in Bengaluru.


"Not in a position to speak on Peshawar terror attack"

Seventy-five-year-old Lubbers, who holds the record of the Netherlands' longest-serving prime minister (1982-94), however, did not want to speak much on the recent killing of schoolchildren in Peshawar in Pakistan, saying he is not in a position to say anything on it. He was though visibly dejected over the tragedy.

When asked about his remarks made last year that American nuclear bombs were kept in an airbase in the Netherlands, the former Dutch prime minister said he did not say any such thing.

Lubbers praised the occasion which was observed to spare a few thoughts for harmony and peace.

This is insanity, legendary Lithuanian leader and former head of state Vytautas Landsbergis speaks on terror

Oneindia also spoke to Vytautas Landsbergis, the first head of the state of Lithuania after its independence declaration from the erstwhile Soviet Union adopted in March 1990. The 82-year-old academic-politician, whose a decade-long membership in the European Parliament ended this year, was extremely critical of the terrorist activities engulfing the globe.

"This is insanity and if you stick to your stubborn views and go on killing each other, then there is little way forward," Landsbergis said when asked whether the United Nations succeeded in dealing with the menace. He said Europe has also seen such deadly attacks, be it in Spain or London.

"Clear stands required to fight terror"

The Lithuanian leader said people would have to make their stand clear first if they want to fight the problem called terrorism. He said the emerging criticism of terrorist acts from within Islam is a welcome development.

"Russia is trying to disrupt the world order"

One of the founders of Sąjūdis, the Lithuanian pro-independence political movement, Landsbergis was particularly critical of Russia, accusing it of disrupting the world order. He slammed Russia for its action in Ukraine, which is said to be the new theatre of Cold War between Russia and the West.

"Russia will only destroy itself in trying to dominate others"

He said Russia wants to return to the days of its colonial supremacy and is hence targetting countries like Ukraine, which is big. "But in doing so, Russia will only destroy itself," he said.

"India is doing sufficiently well as a democracy"

Landsbergis said India is doing sufficiently well as a democracy despite issues, adding that the new world is dominated by people from Asia and Africa and not Europe.

A number of other dignitaries, including a former prime minister of Jordan, a former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Luis Moreno Ocampo and a number of religious heads were also present on the occasion.

Earlier, Sri Sri Ravishankar spoke after each of the speakers presented their views on world peace at the Sneh Milan, which was organised in a soothing ambience in the open. The Christmas choir by children was an added attraction.

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