Exclusive: Congress should tell Delhi to vote for Aam Aadmi Party

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The Delhi election will be an extremely interesting one. While it is clear that it is a straight fight between the BJP and the Aam Admi Party, it also becomes mandatory to note that the Congress appears to be giving a walk over here.

Prithvi Reddy national executive member and spokesperson of the Aam Admi Party says that the fight will be a close one in Delhi. In this interview with Oneindia, Reddy discusses the Delhi elections and says if Kiran Bedi manages to change the BJP, then all of us in the AAP can go back to our normal lives.

AAP optimistic about Delhi elections

Following are excerpts from the interview:

Is the Aam Admi Party nervous after Kiran Bedi joined the BJP?

It is a not a question of being nervous. As Arvind Kejriwal had said that we all respect Kiran Bedi. We respect her decision and hope that she will be able to change the scenario.

If she is able to change the BJP, then trust me all of us in the Aam Admi Party can go back to our normal lives. The job would be done. I wish her all the best.

Do you think Shazia Ilmi stabbed you in the back?

Some people need to decide if their conscience accepts what the BJP is doing? For someone who had criticized the BJP so much it is pretty surprising to see her in that party today. Shazia is a friend and I wish her well. Her reason for leaving the AAP is that she felt there was no inner party democracy and there was a coterie around Arvind Kejriwal. If she has found inner democracy in the BJP then good for her.

How does Kiran Bedi joining the BJP change the equations for the AAP?

What happens on the ground is hard to say. Kiran Bedi and Shazia joining the BJP is something that we expected would happen. All these days they were speaking in support and today they are in the BJP.

This pretty much gives a clarity as sides are clearly chosen. There is no doubt that Kiran Bedi has had a great career. We hope that she can make the best of her new decision. Will she get the freedom to perform in the BJP? Well that is to be seen.

I may sounding repetitive, but what happens on the ground now?

People are wise enough to see. What is encouraging is that our plan is working well. If we have forced the BJP to do so much in 25 days then we are doing something right. We are confident that the people will give us the mandate.

Do you think the people of Delhi have forgiven Arvind Kejriwal for quitting the Chief Minister's post in haste?

People were extremely angry with us. We believed that what we did was morally right and politically incorrect. The people did feel that they gave us the mandate in all trying conditions and we had let them down.

The people are not questioning our intent,. However they felt that we should have not quit and fought on. We have explained to the people about this and even apologized. They punished us in the Lok Sabha elections.

Will Delhi have a clear mandate?

This is a very special election. I feel it would be a fair match. We do not have the resources such as money and muscle power that the BJP has. But we do have the good will of the people and their support. Why I say that this is election is special is because in Delhi unlike other places here there is a credible alternative.

I feel that it is a close election to call and for any party to be over confident it would foolish.

This clearly indicates that the Congress is not in the picture

The Congress is giving a walk over everywhere. The Congress saying that they would support the AAP if the need be already indicates that they are in a state of defeat. I would advise the Congress to tell the voter to vote for AAP. Why waste a Congress vote?

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