EPF violence in Bengaluru: How this gang of 15 coordinated the vandalism

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Bengaluru, April 20: As the police probes the violent incidents that rocked Bengaluru city on Tuesday, April 19, a gang of 15 from the Bommanhalli area have been identified. Top police officials tell OneIndia that it was a well coordinated action and plotted by a gang of 15 in Bommanhalli.

According to investigations, these 15 persons who are said to be close to a political leader in the area plotted the violence. This gang was the one which came into the picture first and began pelting stones.

EPF protest

A protest by Garment factory employees seeking reversal of the rule that barred withdrawal of EPF turned violent in which crores of rupees worth of property was destroyed and over 85 were injured.

Gang of 15 and a coordinated plan:

The preliminary investigations show that the garment factory workers were not behind these incidents of violence. They had planned a peaceful protest and had even left the place after the decision to defer the new EPF rule was taken.

The first instance of the protests turning violent was witnessed two days back when this gang of 15 began pelting stones. [PHOTOS: Protest In Bengaluru Over New Provident Fund Rules]

Police say after that incident, they fled from the city. However before hand they had coordinated with the rest of their gang members to ensure that the protests turn violent.

Yesterday another gang which had connections with the 15 members began the violence. We are in the process of identifying these persons, police officials say.

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