DK Ravi's death: Karnataka Cabinet to decide on CBI probe today

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Bengaluru, March 19: The Karnataka State Cabinet will meet at 12 noon today to decide a host of issues which includes whether to hand over the case relating to D K Ravi to the CBI or not.

The cabinet meet which was to be held at 4 PM today was pre-poned as there were urgent issues to be discussed and top on the agenda was the D K Ravi case. Sources say that the government may hand over the case to the CBI, but the decision would come through only after a heated debate.


Congress govt divided over CBI probe:

Sources told Oneindia that the government is divided on handing over the probe to the CBI. While the Chief Minister and his supporters feel that a CBI probe must be initiated, some like the Home Minister K George have not been in favour of a probe by the CBI.

However there is a majority in the Congress government who feel that the best way to go about the issue is handing over the probe to the CBI. The state mechanism is under pressure to announce the real reason for the death of the officer.

All the investigation that has been conducted so far point that it could be due to personal reasons the officer committed suicide. The government is weary about coming out with this reason in the open and hence feels that it would be better if the CBI takes over the probe and makes public the reasons.

Opposition confident that CBI probe would be initiated:

The opposition is confident that the government would hand over the probe to the CBI. They say that there is more than what meets the eye and hence a centralized agency would need to handle the case.

The opposition has threatened to intensify their protests if the government does not hand over the case to the CBI. The parents of Ravi too had threatened to commit suicide if the government did not hand over the case to the CBI by Monday morning.

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