Church Street blast: Eyewitness says 3 men seen last with a package

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The police are trying to zero in on the information given to them by an eye witness in the Church Street Blast case.

According to the eye witness account there were three men who were seen at the spot and could have possibly left the package containing the bomb outside the Coconut Grove hotel on Church Street on that ill-fated night on which an innocent lady lost her life.

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Eye witness account:

The police took into account the narrative of an eye witness who claimed to have seen the bombers that night. According to his account there were three men in a Maruti Zen.

He says that three persons had parked the white zen on the side of the road. Only two got out of the car and he claims to have seen what appeared to be a packet in their hand. These men were standing there for a long time and they kept going back to the car to speak to the person sitting inside it.

Sketches prepared but won’t be released:

The police based on the description given to the police by the eye witness has prepared ten different sketches of the three persons. However the police are not willing to release those sketches as yet as they need to verify its accuracy.

Police Commissioner of Bangalore, M N Reddi informed that unless they are sure they will not release the sketches as they do not want wrong persons to be arrested.

The commissioner also informed that several persons had called and based on eye witness accounts sketches had been prepared, but they are not able to ascertain the accuracy of the sketches. He also added that no arrests have been carried out.

Team returns from Warrangal:

A special team of the police which had gone to Warrangal searching for possible links has returned empty handed. The team had visited Warrangal after a number was found in the newspaper in which the bomb was wrapped in.

The number which was jotted down in the newspaper belonged to Warrangal and now the police have realized that this was done intentionally to divert the investigation.

Hazy images:

Yesterday oneindia had reported that the shots from the cameras have not given anything conclusive to the police. The police continue to maintain that the image that they are relying on is from the camera placed near the bus stop close to the area where the blast took place.

This has led the investigators to rely on sketches and also draw out similarities between the blasts at Chennai and Pune. The police now say that that they will focus on the bombers and then go after the outfit.

However the police continue to suspect the role of the SIMI in the attack. It is only a suspicion a senior officer informed oneindia. All angles are still being explored he also added.

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