Cauvery issue: Karnataka message to SC, TN Cauvery is now only for drinking not irrigation

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Bengaluru, Sept 23: A special session of the Karnataka legislative assembly was convened on Friday over the Cauvery Waters issue. Even as ministers in Karnataka geared for the discussion in the Assembly, Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa was admitted in the hospital on Thursday night.

Cauvery water will be used for drinking purpose: Karnataka council resolves

While the result of the special session of the Karnataka legislative assembly is awaited, here are the latest updates from both the states over the issue:

Live: Can't release water, says Shettar

6.30 pm: The Karnataka legislative assembly has resolved to release Cauvery water only for drinking water. This would mean no release of water to Tamil Nadu as per directive of Supreme Court.

6.14 pm: TN is asking for water despite having it says Siddaramaiah. Who do we go to for drinking water? Today what the assembly decides my government will abide by it Siddaramaiah says amidst applauds from members.At the cabinet I had said let us go before the assembly.

5.59 pm: First priority is drinking water Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah says.TN wants is asking water for samba crop. We need drinking water. We have to preserve water.We have a lot of respect for the judiciary. Our intention is not to disobey the supreme court order.

4.48 pm: Kumaraswamy dozes off as Chief Minister Siddaramaiah speaks.

4.52 pm: Karnataka says it has released 18.248 tmc of water to TN from Sept 1-20, TN says they had received 18.292 tmc during this period.

4.45 pm: After Tamil Nadu Karnataka too files objections to supervisory committee order. Says there is just 27.6 TMCft water cant release anymore. We need 26.33 tmcft for drinking water Karnataka also says.

4.20 pm: TN tells Supreme Court that Karnataka not interested in releasing water. Objects to supervisory committee order which ordered release of 3,000 cusecs of water.

4.13 pm: We have to take a hard stand. Let none think we are weak. We have to send out a strong message says H D Kumaraswamy. Just because we are following SC orders don't think we are weak the former CM also says.

4.00 pm: Tamil Nadu is never satisfied says H D Kumaraswamy. I request the central government to intervene.

3.56 pm: After a lunch break, the special legislative session in the Karnataka assembly has resumed. Kumaraswamy continues to speak.

3.54 pm: Tamil Nadu has filed objections in Supreme Court against the Supervisory Committee's order stating that as per the SC verdict, Karnataka still needs to release 17.5 TMCft water more.

3.43 pm: The Assembly broke for lunch on a light note. As JD(S) leader H.D. Kumaraswamy kept poking at the Supreme Court's remark to Karnataka to "live and let live" on the Cauvery waters issue and asked the weighty, "If we release water, then we'll not have enough water even for drinking for ourselves. How will we live then?", Congress leader and minister Ramesh Kumar rose up from his chair and with all the gravitas he could summon, said, "We must live, too. Can we break for lunch and resume the session later?" The legislators did just that.

2.56 pm: Assembly breaks for lunch. Will resume at 3.30 pm.

2.54 pm: Ramesh Kumar of Congress, while reacting to the live and let live comment made by SC requests Kumaraswamy to take a break from speaking. "Let us also live let us go for lunch and come back," he said.

2.50 pm: Tamil Nadu does not agree to our distress formula. We have always abided by the Constitution. What does SC mean by live and let live? We will clearly not live if we release water. Can they hold us in contempt if we protect our people?, asked Kumaraswamy.

2.42 pm: We can't be held in contempt for protecting our drinking water, says H D Kumaraswamy.

2.40 pm: There is talk that one of the judges hearing Cauvery case was appearing for Jayalalithaa when he was an advocate. I,however, don't wish to speak about it, says H D Kumaraswamy.

2.38 pm: The Supreme Court asks us to go before the supervisory committee and then passes order on its own says H D Kumaraswamy.

2.27 pm: We are not trying to trouble the farmers of Tamil Nadu says H D Kumaraswamy. We are only expressing our pain.

2.16 pm: Karnataka Legislative Council adopts one-line resolution that Cauvery water in state dams be utilised only for drinking purpose.

Adopyed resolution

2.08 pm: There is no way we can release water. No other decision other than not releasing water can be taken says Shettar

2.07 pm: I urge the the house to take a decision on Cauvery says Jagadish Shettar. This house knows there is situation of distress. Reservoirs have alarming low levels of water Jagdish Shettar says.

2.00 pm: Advisory committee meeting underway in Bengaluru; Chief Minister Siddaramaiah present.

1.30 pm: Session gets underway in Karnataka Legislative Council.

1.00 pm: Meanwhile, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah wished Jayalalithaa a speedy recovery.

On the other hand, Jayalalithaa was admitted in hospital on Thursday night for fever and dehydration. However, doctors on Friday said that she was stable and was consuming regular food. Earlier it was said that they are waiting for an auspicious time for her to be discharged from the hospital.

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