CandidateSpeak: 'We are not a rich party but we have might'

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Nayak: Joined AAP to make a difference
Taking on big names from the Bangalore South constituency, AAP candidate Nina P Nayak said on Thursday that 'she joined the AAP to make a difference.' Nayak is AAP's candidate from Bangalore South and she will contest against Congress's Nandan Nilekani and BJP's Ananth Kumar.

Here is what Nayak told OneIndia over a telephonic conversation:

OneIndia: How do you plan to take on political heavyweights like Nandan Nilekani and Ananth Kumar?

Nina P Nayak: Both the gentlemen represent two parties. One talks about their PM candidate and his achievements and the other talks about the party that is known for its corruption. AAP is a people's movement. We are not a rich party, but we have the might. We have the support of the people, media and many professionals. We have a lot of volunteers.

OneIndia: What are the issues that you will be focussing on in your constituency?

Nina P Nayak: Same as the party's vision. The party has been founded on a few basic issues like fighting corruption in India, swaraj for people, transparency in government, welfare of children and women and since I stand for the same issues, I will be focussing on the same in my constituency.

Nayak: My ideologies are in line with that of the AAP

OneIndia: Why did you join the AAP and not any other political party?

Nina P Nayak: My ideologies, my views are in line with that of the AAP. I have seen a lot of corruption around me. Even AAP sprouted from the same issue; corruption. So I thought let me join the party as I wanted to make a difference. I know that the people are with us, we are here so let's see.

OneIndia: What sort of a response have you got from your constituency towards AAP?

Nina P Nayak: The people have been very supportive and they also want to participate in the change. There has been a lot of movement on-ground as it is a people's movement.

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