Border security: Laser technology to be replaced with infra red rays

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Bengaluru, Sept 27: With terrorist state Pakistan refusing to back down, India has decided to strengthen its borders to bring down infiltrations which have been on the rise for the past couple of months. Almost Rs 1,000 crore would be spent on guarding the borders with state of the art technology.

In both the Pathankot and Uri attacks it was found that the border security was lacking as a result of which terrorists had an advantage and even managed to infiltrate with much ease. Among the major technological changes on the anvil is replacing the laser technology with infra red rays. There is also likely to be an increase in the infra red coverage area from 100 to 700 metres.

Infra red rays to be used at borders

Strengthening the borders

Work on the border had begun following the Pathankot attack. It was pointed out after the attack that there are several issues along the border which has made it easy for terrorists to infiltrate. Repair work on the Punjab border has already started. Funds for repair of 250 kilometres of the 550 km border has been sanctioned.

A major change that would be implemented is replacing laser technology with infra red. Laser rays are detectable where as infra red rays are not. However, the infra red rays cover 100 metres only and work is on to increase the coverage to 700 metres.

Intelligence Bureau officials have been pointing out that the infiltrations are rising. After the Pathankot attack, it was also decided to increase the number of troops along the Punjab border from 15 to 20 battalions.

In addition to this it was also pointed out that the fencing made out of wrought iron must be replaced with galvanized metal. Wrought iron is prone to rusting and hence its life is shorter, it was also said.

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