Bengaluru Traffic police seeks citizens' cooperation on helmet for pillions

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Bengaluru, Jan 13: At least one individual dies due to a two-wheeler related road accident each day on the roads of this city, Traffic Police Chief has said seeking citizen's co-operation in implementing rule that makes helmet for pillion riders compulsory.

The rule making it mandatory for pillion riders to wear helmets has come into force since yesterday amidst opposition to it from political parties and section of citizens. [Bengaluru: Mandatory for pillion riders to wear helmets]


"This move of the Government will have positive impact on safety of pillion riders. It has already been proved both statistically and medically, that wearing of helmet has lot of  beneficial effects," Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic-Bengaluru City) M A Saleem said in a post on Traffic  Police Facebook page.  

He said in India, the available statistics reveal that  the accident rate in India 35 per 1000 vehicles is one of the  highest in the world.    

"In recent past riding a two-wheeler has turned as  seriously dangerous given the nature of traffic, indiscipline  in driving and quality of road and infrastructure. At least  one individual dies due to a two-wheeler related road accident each day on the roads of our own Bengaluru," he said.  

Saleem said considering this and in the interest of  general public who use two-wheeler, the rider and the pillion  need to wear protective headgear.

Though day one was largely an easy drive for violators  of the new rule, Police officials said they are lenient and  focusing on educating the citizens for now and will start  imposing fine from January 20.  In a post addressed to the citizens, Saleem said city  Traffic Police hoped that with their co-operation, implementation of this rule in the larger benefit of the road  users will bring down the fatalities on the roads of Bengaluru.

Stating that the severity of head injury due to motor  cycle accidents depends of the speed of the vehicle, he said  studies show that wearing helmet can reduce accidents death by  20-30 per cent.

M A Saleem

Noting that wearing of helmet reduces the impact in the incidence of road crash thereby prevents severe injuries, Saleem also said "The common reasons given for not wearing helmet are it results in hair fall, increases dandruff; very  difficult to wear in summer but, these are only myths."


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