Bengaluru: Stray cattle menace main reason behind huge traffic snarls?

Written by: Irfan Khan
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Dealing with huge traffic jams is a daily problem for Bangaloreans when they are riding or driving at the early hours to drop their sons or daughters to schools, or heading back to home from office at dusk.

Its not the size of the wheeler which you carry these days which affect the traffic but as the saying goes as 'Some pedestrians are cows, and some cows are pedestrians' have turned true in the 'Namma city'.


It was a regular day, travelling from Jayanagar back home to Indiranagar, I usually take the route of NGV Koramangala which is a short cut to home. The reason, I take this route is to avoid massive traffic jams and traffic signals at every inch with 180 seconds time limit.

But from past few weeks this short cut route has caused me more time than the normal regular routes. The reason being this hefty big horned bull, the main reason for traffic jam near NGV Koramangala everyday.


The size of the road is pretty much small as there is some construction work going on the other side, and this bull covers half of the road as you can see in the pictures.

No matter how much you try to ssh it, it doesn't move an inch. But we cannot blame this poor bull as they carry no road sense, but the people who are to be blamed are the owners of it, who though, knowing that how much traffic jam is caused on regular basis at the peak hours they still don't take the responsibility of taking them away and shedding them at the right places.


Lets know from the citizens of Bengaluru, shouldn't these cow and bull owners be charged a fine for it? So that they understand the pain of every rider or driver.

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