Bengaluru: Techie finds cockroach from soft drink at McDonald's outlet

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Bengaluru, April 24: A 29-year-old techie from Bengaluru was shocked while he was having a soft drink from a burger outlet.

After watching a dead cockroach in the served drink, the techie lost all his mind to have food.


Sunil Kumar, a resident of Whitefield in east Bengaluru who went to have food at a McDonald's restaurant in Bagmane Tech Park on Thursday, April 23, was served with a dead cockroach inside the cold drink. [McDonald's faces 'cockroach burger' claim in New Zealand]

"I was shocked to see a cockroach in the beverage after I had almost finished it. I demanded an apology letter from the authorities, which they denied. The manager said he would refund the money and issue a new bill, but that was not what I wanted. It's unfair to a customer who comes to a restaurant thinking the food he is served is hygienic," TOI quoted Sunil as saying.

Sunil was accompanied by his friends at that time. [Human tooth, plastic, vinyl found in McDonald's food in Japan]

Meanwhile, Sunil tried to ring BBMP control room to inform the bad experience and lodge a complaint. However, there was no response as the service was out of order.

Soon, he submitted a complaint before BBMP's health officer in CV Raman Nagar. Vedavathi, BBMP health officer said that she will look into the issue.

However,the restaurant authorities confirmed that they are providing the highest food safety and hygiene for its customers.

The manager of the restaurant also offered the claimant for a kitchen tour after the customers allegations.

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