Bengaluru Police slept on complaint against 'Dawla ISIS' wifi connection

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Dawla loosely translated would mean dynasty and Dawla ISIS means dynasty or kingdom of the ISIS. Now what happens when a person while trying to connect to his wifi account in Bengaluru finds a connection called Dawla ISIS. Read on to find out more:

There is no doubt a growing clamour for the ISIS. People may not join them, but they do enough damage from spreading the propaganda for that group. As Aki Peritz, the man who analysed the beheading videos posted by the Al-Qaeda for the CIA, " these groups thrive on propaganda.

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ISIS complaint

The complaint

Speaking of the growing clamour, here is a complaint given to the Bengaluru police on October in which it is clearly stated there was a wifi connection that was configured under the name of Dawla ISIS. The complainant while trying to connect his phone to the wifi found Dawla ISIS as one of the listed wifi networks.

B'luru Police ignore ISIS complaint

In the complaint to the Bengaluru Police, it was stated clearly that for several days this network name was throwing up on his mobile phone. He said that he lives close to a hostel which has several Arab students and suspects that it could have emerged from there.

Growing clamour

The police had told the complainant to send the details of the location. Further the Commissioner of Police too had assured of all possible help. Police officials say that they are keeping a watch. Although no major offence can be made out in this case, it is however disturbing to know that the ISIS trend is catching up all over including Bengaluru. It was only yesterday that the @shamiwitness account belonging to Mehdi Masroor Biswas was traced down to Bengaluru.

Dawla ISIS

The dynasty of the ISIS or the Dawla ISIS is quite a popular topic online. It has a hashtag and also there are facebook pages prasing the ISIS and naming the topics as Dawla ISIS. By naming a wifi connection Dawla ISIS, these people are only going on to show what kind of respect they have for this group which has not only promised the Global Islamic Council, but also impose the Sharia law across the world.

The experts say that the ISIS which runs 80 per cent on propaganda are trying to make jihad look cool. They want to market it like any other product and till date they have managed to catch the imagination of several radicals across the globe including India and including Bengaluru.

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