BBMP council: Siddaramaiah to appraise Congress high command on JD(S) tie up

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Bengaluru, Sept 2: Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah is expected to leave for New Delhi to appraise the Congress High Command about the developments post the BBMP elections.

Siddaramaiah is expected to appraise the High Command about the possible truck with the JD(S) to form the council at the BBMP.


The Congress however is a divided house on the issue and while the Siddaramaiah faction is in favour of a tie up, there are a good number who are opposing this move.

G Parameshwar, the President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee in particular is not in favour of a tie up with the JD(S). He is backed by Mallikarjuna Kharge as well.

 Congress split wide open:

 After the results of the BBMP elections in which the BJP emerged as the largest party, the JD(S) with just 14 seats had extended its hand of support to the Congress.

The idea was to enter into an alliance with the Congress and then with the support of the independents form the council.

Sources say that Siddaramaiah in particular who has made this an ego issue was very much in favour of a tie up with the JD(S).

However, the likes of Parameshwar and Kharge were not in favour of an alliance and felt that that they should not form the council as the people had not given them the mandate.

 A source in the Congress said that it is a question of image. The image of the Congress will get ruined if it forms such an alliance despite the mandate not being with the party.

The case of the JD(S) is entirely different and the people have clearly not given it a mandate and it is more important for them to stake power and the image really does not matter much, the Congress leaders also informed.

No nod as yet:

 Whatever the decision of the Congress may be, it would have to be approved by the High Command in New Delhi. G Parameshwar has already submitted a report to the High Command on the performance of the party in the BBMP poll.

 He has also told the High Command that he is opposed to the idea of forming an alliance with the JD(S), sources also say.

On his arrival from New Delhi in Bengaluru, he said that there is not nod as yet from the High Command on the formation of the BBMP council.

 If the High Command does give the nod to form the council with an alliance with the JD(S) then the Congress chief in Karnataka is likely to hold a meeting with Deve Gowda, JD(S) leader on Sunday.

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