Exclusive: Prashant Bhushan prefers Kejriwal as PM, says Mayank Gandhi

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Bangalore, Jan 14: Mayank Gandhi is a member of the Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) national executive and is leading the party in the state of Maharashtra. Gandhi, a social worker, has been involved with many social and business organisations and played an active role in formulating important laws like Right to Information for Maharashtra, Nagar Raj Bill and those related to the transfer of government employees. He has been associated with the Janlokpal movement from the very beginning and has made significant contribution towards making the movement a strong force in Maharashtra.

Recently, Gandhi also expressed his intention to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha polls from the Mumbai North-West constituency

Oneindia speaks to this man, a crusader against corruption and soldier in the fight to make India better, on various issues. Here is a look at what he said:

Oneindia: Has the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) joined the Mumbai University (MU) protest to make a mark in Maharashtra politics ahead of the Lok Sabha and assembly polls? Do you feel that the party can repeat its Delhi feat in Maharashtra where identity politics is a major factor?

Mayank Gandhi: We have been supporting all causes that fight against corruption and injustice. The MU protest was one of the 100 issues we support. The people of Maharashtra are tired of corruption, criminilisation and communalisation. They are ready for change.

We do not subscribe to what Prashant Bhushan said on Kashmir, Gandhi said

Oneindia: By supporting the students' cause, is the AAP aiming to get the youth's backing in Mumbai/Maharashtra?

Mayank Gandhi: Youth have been the backbone of AAP. The MU issue was to stand behind the youth in their fight for justice.

Oneindia: Prashant Bhushan recently found himself amid a controversy after making a statement on referendum in Jammu and Kashmir. Do you think the AAP is overtrying to go national?

Mayank Gandhi: We do not subscribe to Prashant Bhushan's view of Kashmir. It was his personal view.

Oneindia: Has the AAP posed a threat to the BJP's mission to form NDA II government at the Centre? Your thoughts on this.

Mayank Gandhi: Today, Modi's graph is going downhill while AAPs popularity has been increasing. With the kind of work Delhi government is doing, coupled with our campaigning, we are confident that AAP will be give a serious competition to the BJP.

Oneindia: Why didn't the AAP join hands with the BJP in Delhi, given the fact that the Congress has been its principal enemy?

Mayank Gandhi: We believe that both Congess and BJP are corrupt, communal and casteist. The country does not need bigger nor smaller evil.

Oneindia: Does Prashant Bhushan prefer Rahul Gandhi as the PM over Narendra Modi? Ram Jethmalani has claimed so.

Mayank Gandhi: Prashant Bhushan prefers Arvind Kejriwal as PM.

Oneindia: How many seats do you think the AAP will win in the LS polls?

Mayank Gandhi: It's too early to predict but it will throw some surprising results.

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