AAP focussing on Karnataka after Delhi, Yogendra Yadav says in B'lore

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Bangalore, Dec 19: Aam Aadmy Party (AAP) member Yogendra Yadav, who is also a noted social scientist, addressed a press conference here on Thursday where he spoke about his party's plans ahead of the next Lok Sabha elections.

Yadav said based on the tremendous support for the in Karnataka, the AAP is assessing its strength and weaknesses in various Lok Sabha constituencies in the state to take a call on fielding candidates in the national polls due in a few months time. "Polls can be won only if we have our eyes and ears close to the ground. For that, detailed surveys need to be conducted through district teams."

Yogendra Yadav is touring the country to make a pre-poll assessment for AAP

Yadav is currently touring the country from one extreme to another to study the party's prospects in the upcoming elections, both national and state. He went to Haryana first where the AAP has decided to field candidates in the next assembly elections. He then visited Chennai and from there he arrived in Bangalore.

On Ashok Khemka

Yadav said the AAP has not yet decided on fielding whistle-blower IAS officer Ashok Khemka in Haryana polls. Khemka received the authorities' ire after speaking on a land deal involving Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. "Ashok Khemka and Durga Nagpal are the kind of people we are looking for," he said.

Focus on Karnataka

Yadav said Karnataka is the first place outside Delhi where the AAP is planning to focus and establish itself as a political force. He revealed that Bangalore has the most number of donors of the party. He added that 30,000 new members have registered for AAP Karnataka in last one week. Similar is response the party is receiving in Gujarat, he said.

The AAP has floated the idea of contesting in all 26 seats in Gujarat in the next Lok Sabha polls.

"AAP is not a regional party. The AAP has been saying from the beginning that it looks beyond Delhi. We have presence in over 300 districts in India," Yadav said, adding that it is too early now to chart a poll strategy and the party members will sit together and decide on the issue later.

On Karnataka voters

Voters of Karnataka, where the BJP has a strong foothold, are very sophisticated, Yadav said. The assembly election results in Karnataka are often way different from Lok Sabha election results in the state, which gives hope, he said.

On Delhi deadlock

Yadav said the AAP is in a dilemma over the government formation issue in the state and will consult the people of Delhi on it. The party will hold 280 public rallies in Delhi, i.e, four meets on an average in each constituency, Yadav said. The party is ready to contest in polls again if people ask them to, he added.

On Lokpal

Yadav said the AAP is disappointed with the Lokpal Bill that has been passed in the Parliament, saying it is not the bill that they had fought for. He added that the AAP will continue the fight for a better Lokpal Bill.

On Anna Hazare and Rahul Gandhi

Anna Hazare has not said anything about Rahul, Yadav said. Both of them spoke about Lokpal Bill and media collated their view and interpreted in a different way, he said.

Yadav also admitted that the AAP regret the absence of Hazare in their ranks. "We would have been much stronger if people like Anna and Santhosh Hegde were with us," he said. "But some people prefer to stay away from politics and we respect their preference," Yadav added.

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