A strike on Saturday? No way... Karnataka yet to learn the trick from Bengal

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Bengaluru, April 18: A 12-hour strike was called by pro-Kannada outfits to protest against Tamil Nadu's objection to the Mekedatu drinking water project across Cauvery, the river which has always been a serious reason of dispute between the neighbouring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the sharing of its water. [Why Karnataka called the bandh: Explained]

Surprising to see a strike on Saturday

Whether the strike was successful or whether Tamil Nadu will answer this by calling a counter-strike is more a political debate. But it was really surprising to see the strike being called on a weekend which means its impact will not be the same as it would be on a weekday. [Bengaluru cops assure citizens]


Bengal mastered the trick of calling bandhs: Either on Fridays of Mondays to add to the impact & fun

Those who called the strike surely missed a chance for a bigger success. They should take a lesson from the state of West Bengal which has, over the years, mastered the bandh culture. Irrespective of their political ideologies, parties in Bengal used to call strikes at will till the recent past to flex their muscles. And those strikes were called conveniently, on Fridays or Mondays so that the people in general get a three-day vacation. [Pics: Effect in Bengaluru]

Bengal parties called strikes on either Friday or Monday to add to the fun

Not many complained though, given the Bengalis' general inclination to relax and excepting those who arrived at the city without any knowledge of the strike that reduced their chances of having a smooth transition to home from either the airport or the railway station, other mostly enjoyed the welcome relief from everyday sweat and hard work. [North Karnataka not much interested in strike]

Less strikes are called in Bengal nowadays but the legacy has remained

The intensity of calling strikes has gone down of late though, thanks to the decline of the Left legacy and late realisation that it doesn't bring anything substantial in today's world, but the identification of Bengal with suicidal strikes on Fridays and Mondays has become legendary.

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