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Oneindia on dailyhunt App

You no longer have to be deprived of reading language content on your mobile just because it does not have language fonts. Use dailyhunt application to read the latest articles from Oneindia, all you need is a GPRS connection. This application includes content from our English Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and now Gujarati channel too.
Oneindia dailyhunt app works on most handsets that have Java support. Our app works on over 1000 mobile handsets. Now you can read our language content on smart phones like Blackberry too! This app works on most models of Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson including Android, iPhone & iPad.

Whats new?
  • We have revised our channels in dailyhunt app based on users review. Now you can view content that matters more to YOU.
  • Introduced another content language – Gujarati. Now read, latest updates from India and the world, from the world of politics, news, entertainment, cricket and much more in Oneindia Gujarati.
Download the application from It is completely free!.