People in Raipur name potholes after politicians, seek action

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Raipur: Potholes named after politicians
Raipur, Sept 2: Next time if you are in Raipur and see people shouting names of local politicians in anger, don't be surprised. People here have come up with a unique way of venting their frustration at the politicians in the city.

Disappointed with the number of potholes in the city, the citizens of Raipur have come up with a unique idea; to name the potholes after the local politicians. The main idea behind this is to wake the politicians up and make them take notice of the pothole problem.

People here have named some potholes after the chief minister Raman Singh as 'Raman gaddha', minister of public works department Brijmohan Agarwal as 'Brijmohan gaddha' and minister of housing and development Rajesh Munat as 'Munat gaddha'.

Once the monsoon begins, their problems worsen as these potholes are difficult to notice under rain water and pose are a major risk to commuters.

Locals name potholes after politicians

The residents blame the politicians for using poor quality products for the road construction and say that once people start calling the potholes as 'Raman gaddha' or 'Brijmohan gaddha' , the people in the administration would wake up from their slumber.

People here wonder why the roads in posh area do not have any pothole problem? Why is it common areas or localities where the cream layer people don't stay have to suffer from such problems.

Maybe Bangaloreans can take a cue or two from the people in Raipur the next time a pothole bothers you.


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