Syria's largest city loses internet access

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Syria: Aleppo loses internet access
Aleppo, Aug 31: Just as Syria prepares itself for a possible strike from United States, reports are emerging that Syria's largest city Aleppo, is off the internet.

According to The Washington Post, the city lost its internet connection on Thursday. The outage comes as United States is considering military  intervention in response to the chemical weapons attacks last week in Dasmascus.

Aleppo, a city in Northern Syria has been at the centre of intense fighting between rebel forces and the Assad regime.

Renesys, a US based network security firm, that analyses internet disruptions said that internet failure in that region is due to a failure in the local infrastructure as internet data is transferred between telephone lines.

The outage also connects to the Turk's Telekom service to the Syrian Telecommunications Establishment.

Aleppo lost internet connection since Thursday

This is not the first time that Aleppo is experiencing an internet outage during the Assad regime. Apparently, the city experienced a similar internet and mobile outage on August 13. At that time, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had claimed that both internet and mobile telecom services were cut off.

Even in November 2012, about 92 per cent of the internet traffic went offline as there were rumours that the regime was mixing chemical weapon components.

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