Slain activist Dabholkar's children promise to resume his campaign

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Dabholakar's children continue his work
Pune, Aug 31: Even as the police remains clueless about activist Narendra Dabholkar's death, his children have come forward and announced that his mission will be resurrected with a month- long drive starting September 2.

Activists who are associated with Dabholkar's cause to abolish superstition and black magic practise, resolved to promote scientific thinking and take forward the anti superstition campaign in the state. His son Hamid and daughter Mukta, speaking at a convention said that that campaign will focus on vigorous interaction with college students, in order to rope them in the campaign.

Actor Shriram Lagoo who was present at the convention, administered a solemn pledge to take forward the cause of social reforms. Lagoo, who was close to Dabholkar fought back tears.

Dabholkar's campaign to kick-start from September 2

Mukta, who is a social scientist, said, "After the death of my father, I have observed that the voice of reason and rationalism has reached the common man." There is no alternative to the strong organisational network that my father had created to carry on the mission to inculcate scientific temperament opposed to a retrograde social mindset, she added.

She then urged the state government to include a mechanism to support and implement the provisions of the law,expected to be enacted in the winter session of the legislature.

Dabholkar, was shot by two assailants on August 20, when he was out for his morning walk. Ten days after his murder, the police remains clueless about the whereabouts of his murderers. He campaigned against the practises of black magic and superstition.

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