Pics: Jagan's fast puts common man at stake

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Hyderabad, Aug 31: What started as a fight for the people, ended putting these very people at stake. YSRC chief Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy was shifted to NIMS emergency ward late on Friday night from Osmania General Hospital.

The security during the journey was tight and so was it in the hospital. He was accompanied by his wife Bharathi and mother Y.S Vijayalakshmi.

Doctors in a frenzy

Jagan's vow not to take fluids has set the doctors on an alarm mode. "No, I will not take liquids, I am all right," he told a doctors' panel in Osmania Government Hospital. Doctors say that his blood sugar levels are dropping to an alarmigng level, his heart rate is not normal and the serum creatinine in his urine is below normal.

Despite requests by the doctors, Jagan refused to have anything. Giving up, the doctors at the OGH wrote to the Chanchalguda jail superintendent B. Sadaiah to shift him to NIMS as they cannot force him for intravenous fluids in a medico-legal case. "We require consent from the jail authorities to take these stringent steps. For any other patient, we would willingly do it with the consent of the relatives, but this is different," said a doctor.

Jagan is fasting for 5 days; has refused fluids in hospital

The main cause of concern is kidney failure due to decline in the serum creatinine in his urine. "Jagan has been explained about the criticalities of his deteriorating health conditions, but he is not willing to co-operate," said a doctor.

Complete crash of hospital administration

The ward in Osmania hospital where Jagan was stationed was under tight security.  No one except the resident medical officer and designated committee members, comprising assistant professors, were allowed in.

That was not all, while the state facility was being exhausted in the security of the leader, the common man suffered. Patients were  sent away by the police for security reasons. And the reason to fear? police justified that party members could enter the hospital premises disguised as a patient and create problems.

In the hospital

Jagan being treated by a team of doctors



High security

The hospital where Jagan is being treated is a fortress with strict vigilance by the police.



Common man suffering

Protestors and Jagan's supporters talk with police.



Mother arrives

Jagan's mother on her way to the hospital.



Jagan Mohan's mother

Police very careful about patients entering the hospital



Mother visits Jagan

Doctors trying to persuade Jagan to have food.




Concerned supporters want Jagan to have food.



Common man at a lurch

Patients have been turned away from the Osmania General Hospital



Protests on

Jagan's followers willing to meet him



While security personnel had their own valid reasons to worry about, the people were no less worried. Chinnama had come down for a check up at the hospital and was turned away by the police. "I have thyroid and had come for consultation. When I tried to enter the hospital, the police standing at the gate started questioning me about the disease I have. They also asked me if I had an appointment, which I did not have. I was asked to leave," she said.

Another such patient was asked to wait until her doctor came to her rescue. But for those, who did not have an appointment were either turned away or asked to wait for their turns. Patients from the outskirts and the nearby districts had to stay back in many cases.

Clearly, the scene inside the hospital was also different. A place bustling with over 2,000 people in any given day borne a deserted look with just 500 patients at a time. Doctors too were restricted inside, except a few nurses, Dr Ram Das and a committee of doctors including a neurologist, a professor of medicine and a professor of the Orthopaedic department.

YSR Congress president Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has been fasting for the past five days protesting against the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

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