We are not Draupadis & Krishna will not come for protection, says Hema

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Pune, Aug 28: As the discussions are on about how to change the mentality of men to curb such heinous crimes like rapes, molestation, sexual harassment or even whistling and winking, here comes a statement that shows the mentality of women of this country.

After the horrific rape of a young photojournalist in Mumbai, actor and Member of Parliament, Hema Malini, has made a comment on the issue which might stir the hornet's nest.

Hema's comment leaves country shocked

Speaking at a function here, Hema Malini said that women should not go anywhere alone as anything could happen to them if they do.

"Don't take it so easy and go anywhere you want. You can get caught," she said. Further, drawing an analogy she said, "Krishna would always come to protect Draupadi. We are not so spiritual that God will come to save."

Zee stated that at a time when women in the country are demanding more protection and safety for themselves and a change in perception of the mindset of the administrators and the society as a whole, this suggestion by the BJP MP might be seen as ill-timed and senseless.

The photo-journalist was allegedly raped by four men in the Shakti Mills compound where she had gone for an assignment for a magazine in which she was interning. She was accompanied by a male friend. The perpetrators of the crime thrashed and tied the victim's male friend and took turns to rape the girl.

All the five accused have been arrested by the police, with the Maharashtra government handing over the case to be tried in a fast-track court.

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