'When I told PM about 2G papers, he just touched his turban'

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New Delhi, Aug 27: Former NDA minister and senior BJP leader Arun Shourie said in a TV channel interview on Monday that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh squandered his own reputation during his nine years in office and ignored matters that the nation required.

When asked whether Singh should have known about the NREGA and Food Security Bill, two of the pet projects of party chief Sonia Gandhi, Shouri said he went for them knowing fully well what the consequences could be. He said even people of the National Advisory Council advised against implementing the bills in places where there is a shortage of labour but the PM still did it because Rahul Gandhi 'had told him' to do so.


Shourie however, said that always belittling the PM before the Gandhis is an excuse at play and instead accused Singh of blaming other people whenever there was a problem, be it the 2G scam or the fall of the rupee. He said the prime minister of the country knows everything and so did Manmohan Singh but he deliberately chose to remain silent.

Shourie, to substantiate his point that the prime minister knew about the corruptions happening under his nose, said he had taken the 2G papers to the latter and said a massive corruption was taking place and yet he did nothing. He said the prime minister only touched his turban and made a gesture and said "What can be done?" This reply had left him shocked, according to Shourie.

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