Serial kidnapper arrested after molesting 30 minors, confesses crime

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Bangalore: A 30-year-old suspected serial rapist was arrested by Bangalore Police on Tuesday.

The accused has been booked for abducting 16 minor girls in the last two months. He was said to have been kidnapping minor girls, take them to far away places and sexually abuse them.

Serial rapist arrested, confesses crime

CNN IBN reported that only one rape case has been registered against him so far. Rest of the cases were being treated as kidnapping incidents where the victims were majorly from 6-10 age group. All the girls returned home after they were left off at far off places.

The accused has already confessed to 31 cases of kidnapping so far. According to Bangalore Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar, they are verifying his claims and the police will go deeper into it.

Not only kidnapping, but the arrested person is also accused of stealing motor bikes, jewels, money and cheating many others.

The incident came to light, when the police started investigating dozens of kidnapping cases of children.

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