Onlookers watch helplessly as crocodile kills man in Australia

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Darwin, Aug 26: A friend's birthday party celebrations turned fatal for 26-year-old Sean Cole as he was killed by a huge crocodile at Mary River in Australia's northern territory.

According to reports, the police has found Cole's body.

Onlookers watch as crocodile kills man

Police said that Cole ignored signs to stay out of the water at the camping ground at Mary River located in the east of Darwin.

Cole had gone for swimming with another friend, but was snatched by a huge crocodile while swimming back while the onlookers watched getting him "eaten" helplessly.

Since 2009, this is reported to be the sixth such case by the Saltwater crocodiles. They are said to be the deadliest species on the earth, who pull their victims to the bottom of a river and roll them around until they drown before eating part of them.

'Salties', as they are often known as, store the remaining part of the body for later consumption.

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