Couple fear social boycott from family, seek police protection

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Muzaffarnagar, Aug 24: Khaps threaten a newly married couple again and have boycotted them completely. Rejecting the marriage of a couple from the same gotra (clan) in the district, khap leaders here asked them, on Saturday to call off the wedding, failing which they would face social boycott.

Condemning the marriage of Varsha (21) and Pervinder (22) of Karonda Mahajan village in the district, general secretary of the All- Khap Council Subhash Baliyan said the society will not allow the marriage as it is against the decision of the khaps.

Khaps threaten couple of social boycott
He asked the couple to call off the wedding, failing which they would face social boycott. The couple has lost the right to live in their village, head of Baliyan Khap and Bhartiya Kisan Union chief, Naresh Tikait said.

By marrying in the same gotra, they have gone against the rule of the society and would have to pay the price for it, he said. Tikait also asked the government to amend the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 to disallow marriages in same gotras.

Varsha and Pervinder eloped and got married on July 31, 2013. Fearing danger from their families, the couple sought police protection from the Allahabad High Court. The court has directed police to provide protection to them.

The girl was produced in the court on Friday when she asked the court to send her to a women protection home.


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