Mumbai gangrape: Grandmother defends accused

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Mumbai, Aug 24: Shocking details of the 22-year-old photojournalist's gangrape continue to emerge as investigations are on.

The grandmother of one of the accused has come out in the open and said that her grandson is not guilty of the crime or the charges levied at him. She said that he was not present when the incident took place and he had in fact run away.

Accused is a minor, says grandmother
She also showed one of the TV channels his tampered birth card which showed that he is a minor and also said that the police had not arrested her grandson. In fact she had taken him to the police station after which he was taken into custody. She added that he was not present at the time of the crime. He was called by his friend, who indulged in the crime, while her grandson fled the scene.

On the other hand, the victim, who is still undergoing treatment at the Jaslok Hospital,revealed to the doctors that they culprits had held a broken beer bottle on her head while they took turns to rape her. She also said that they took pictures of her on their cellphones and threatened her that if she complained to anyone, they would make her identity public.

After they were done with the heinous act, they took her and her colleague across the tracks and asked them to board the train and go home straight. Instead the victim and her friend went to Jaslok Hospital and narrated the entire incident to the hospital staff, who then informed the police.

The victim also said that she wanted the culprits to be sentenced life imprisonment.
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