Mumbai: Sena blames 'outsiders'? What was their MLA doing a day ago?

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Bangalore, Aug 23: Sub-regional nationalists of the Shiv Sena found a great opportunity to play their regional card again in the wake of the gangrape in Mumbai on Thursday evening. The Sena has targetted Bangladeshi immigrants straightaway, saying they are responsible for Mumbai's rising crimes. The two Senas (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena being the other one) also accused immigrants after a child was raped in Kolhapur recently.

The Senas have an inclination to turn the gun around at the 'outsiders' who have gone to Maharashtra and Mumbai whenever there is a problem. That is entirely to get a political mileage by political forces that have little else to offer otherwise.


What was a Shiv Sena MLA doing 24 hours ago?

Twenty four hours ago, a Sena MLA abused the women employees at a toll plaza in his constituency, about 209 kilometres from the state and warned that they would be stripped if his car was charged money. The MLA reminded the women that they were running the plaza in his area and ordered his men to vandalise the plaza for charging money. The booth was vandalised and the equipment were broken soon after. And all this happened just because the MLA's private car was charged Rs 40!

A Samajwadi Party MLA of the state was also accused of instigating his supporters to ransack another toll booth in Bhiwandi district for he was asked to pay toll.

Why create a difference on every other issue?

Dear Sena leaders, can you please learn to train your own people to behave in the public before accusing others of everything bad happening in your state? There are many places in this world where immigrants have helped build the local economy and yet people have lived harmoniously. Why do you try to create a difference between people always without actually addressing the real problems?

A few days ago, a foreign woman was attacked and robbed in a local train in Mumbai. Will you now begin accusing the woman for the problem for she is an outsider? What has respecting women to do with geography? Why did your own man then abuse women at a toll plaza who were just doing their duty?

Gangrape will ultimately lead way to a political war

The gangrape case will slowly pave way to a renewed political fight between the opposing alliances of Maharashtra politics (Congress plus NCP versus BJP plus Shiv Sena with the MNS taking a convenient position). The victim's agony will be forgotten till a new mishap takes place for the media to raise a fresh storm.

It happens like this in India. We believe more in style than substance.

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