Sindhurakshak: Five bodies salvaged, Navy releases list of crew

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Mumbai, Aug 17: Hope of anyone surviving on the ill-fated INS Sindhurakshak is gradually fading with a fifth body salvaged from the ship.

Navy confirms that any survivor in the tragedy is unlikely as the rest of the 18 members could have been incinerated in the forward block of the submarine. The explosion and the high temperature was enough to melt the steel within the submarine, disfiguring the interiors beyond repairs.


"The damage and destruction within the submarine around the control room area indicates that the feasibility of locating bodies of personnel in the forward part of the submarine is also very remote as the explosion and very high temperatures, which melted steel within, would have incinerated the bodies too," declared a navy statement.

The five bodies have been shifted to the INS Ashwini hospital for DNA sampling to identify them as they are beyond recognition. Here is a list of INS Sindhurakshak missing crew (as published by Zee News):

Officers - Rank

Nikhilesh Pal - Lieutenant Commander
Alok Kumar - Lieutenant Commander
R Venkitaraj - Lieutenant commander
Sailors - Rank
Sanjeev Kumar - PO UW I
KC Upadhyay - PO UW I
Timothy Sinha - PO UW I
Kewal Singh - LS UC I
Sunil Kumar - SEA I UW III
Dasari Prasad - MECH(R) 2
Liju Lawrence - LEMP
Rajesh Tootika - LME
Amit K Singh - STD I
Atul Sharma - SEA I
Vikas E - SEA I
Naruttam Deuri - ME I Malay Haldar - EMR II
Vishnu V - RO II
Seetaram Badapalli - LS RP I

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