Narendra Modi takes on PM in his I-Day speech

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Bhuj (Gujarat), Aug 15: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi ripped off Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Independence-Day speech delivered at the Red Fort during his speech at the Lalan College here. His speech attained more significance for on Wednesday he had challenged a comparison between the speeches made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Red Fort in New Delhi and that to be made by him here.

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TV reports said Modi has prepared the draft of the speech to be made today by himself.

"We have to create Ek Bharat, Srestha Bharat."

9.47 am

On social sectors

"Gujarat has worked on a scientific process to ensure employment for the youth."

"The state govt is working on skill development. By speaking on skill development today, the PM acknowledged our contribution."

"We will organise agriculture fair in December. I invite farmers from across the country to come to my state and see latest technologies being used in agriculture."

"We have made great progress in milk production."

"Our farmers can contribute to economic progress in a big way and help the nation overcome its economic woes."

9.42 am

"We have formed seven new districts so that those areas can also make progress. I congratulate those new administrative units and believe that they will make fast development."

"We must stress employment, health and other issues. We have worked on agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors and aimed for inclusive growth."

"I am disappointed with the state of education in the country. In Gujarat, there were 11 universities before 2001. Today, there are 42 universities in Gujarat."

9.40 am

"Not saying Gujarat has done everything. But there should not be any shortcoming in thoughts, it may be in the system."

"People used to believe that the country was progressing when the NDA was in power. Today, the country is desperate to get freed from shackles."

9.33 am

On Gujarat's success

"Gujarat has succeeded today not because of the Modi government but because of the people of the state and the previous governments."

"We have worked hard on our aims and that is why, the unemployment rate is the lowest in Gujarat."

"Why do most awards go to those governments which are run by the Congress party?"

"The states run by the BJP and its allies were more successful in implementing Indira Gandhi's poverty eradication programme."

"The Centre feels afraid that acknowledging the non-Congress govts' accomplishments will expose them."

"The PM could have acknowledged us at least for today. But the Congress brigade is more interested in bashing Modi."

9.27 am

"In Gujarat, BPL families get 35 kilos of food grain, after the Centre's food bill comes into effect, it will be reduced to 25 kilos."

"The Centre said the states should look for their own foodgrain. How will it be possible for the smaller states to gather food for their people. The government of India should take care of this."

"Price rises have left people in a sorry state."

"Media channels have been saying that this is PM Singh's final speech from the Red Fort. But the PM is saying that they are getting ready for more work. How will you do that?"

"We will liberate India from old thoughts and distrust. People have lost trust. The country needs to be freed from dynastic politics, illiteracy, corruption, price rise and other evils."

9.23 am

On falling rupee and food security bill

"The rupee has become weaker. Please tell us how will you strengthen the rupee."

"I wrote to the PM on the food security bill, asking him to discuss on its shortcomings."

"The govt is playing with the sentiments of the poor. People are seriously talking on meals for Rs 5 and Rs 12."

9.20 am

"The PM took a partisan attitude while speaking about the Uttarakhand tragedy. Other governments and people also served the distressed in Uttarakhand but he did not mention about them."

"The PM spoke about the problems that Jawaharlal Nehru had spoken on the first I-Day. Then, what have you done in the last 60 years."

"I am speaking from the borders of Pakistan. So they hear me first and not Delhi."

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9.16 am

On PM's speech

"Was hearing PM's speech to gain some inspiration to serve the country."

"But I was left disappointed. the entire country was left disappointed. The PM only spoke about a single family and none else."

"The PM didn't mention about prime ministers like Lal Bahadur Shastri."

"I understand why the PM didn't remember Atal Bihari Vajpayee but he should have mentioned about leaders like Shashtri and Patel."

9.14 am

On corruption

"I agree with the President's concern over the growing corruption."

"The PM has the foremost responsibility to take care of the President's concerns."

"The country is getting devastated by corruption and no steps are taken till the apex court steps in."

9.10 am

On Pakistan and foreign policy

"I expected the prime minister to address the President's concern over Pakistan's behaviour in his speech today."

"The PM should have encouraged the Indian Army's morale from the Red Fort."

"The President said that there should be a limit to patience, but who defines that limit?"

"What China is doing in our territory, what Pakistani Army and Italian mariners are doing to us make us about that patience."

9.07 am

On President's concern about disruption in Parliament

"Are we psychologically free?" Modi asks. He said the nation is realising after so many days of getting independence on how to get rid of the psychological barrier.

"Could understand the pain of President Pranab Mukherjee during his I-Day address yesterday. Don't know whether the rulers of the country can address his issues."

"The ruling party itself is not allowing the Parliament to function and it is a big concern. We must understand the concern of the President."

9:05 am

Modi salutes martyrs of the independece struggle. Refers to Gujarat's role in the freedom struggle. He cites the examples of Mahatma Gandhi and Vallabh Bhai Patel and many others.

9.00 am

Modi takes salute.

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