Acharya Institutes inaugurates the freshers day in style

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Bangalore, Aug 13: The freshers day of Acharya college was welcomed in a novel way by the Institute, the aim of the grand event was to provide each and every new student a clear idea on what their life would be like in the coming years on campus, the opportunities that would be available to them to showcase their talents and the activities of different student clubs.

The event was chaired by Mr Alfred Ilukena, permanent secretary, Ministry of Education, Republic of Namibia, Mr John Nauta special officer, Office of founding president, Republic of Namibia, Mr Richard Freg, acting High Commissioner, High Commission of Republic of Namibia, New Delhi, B Premnath Reddy, Chairman, Acharya Institutes.

His Excellency Mr Alfred Ilukena said "India is the country known for its high quality education and my country and ministry of education is giving an opportunity to the meritorious students to pursue their higher education in India and will support them in all their needs and will see to that the students come back to the country and will work for the betterment of the society."

The Institutes is also providing 15 scholarships for meritorious students from Namibia and also provides an opportunity of job soon after their completion of higher studies.

Speaking on the occasion B Premnath Reddy, Chairman, Acharya Inastitutes said, "I am glad to have a collaboration with country like Namibia which is still on the merge of giving a quality of education and from Acharya Institutes we are very much happy in giving a opportunity to the students and building their career to the greater heights."

Achraya Inst inaugurates freshers day

Besides, the event also aimed to acquaint them with the rules and regulations of the institution. Each department on the campus put up exclusive stalls flaunting their past achievements.

There were departmental forums as well along with the curricular and the extracurricular activities of each department including all sorts of technical events, future aspirations and innovative ideas along with projects.

Every part of the exhibition gave an idea of vibrant college life to the freshers who were accompanied by their parents.

The fete began with the electronics and communication department opening their stall for the visitors.

Keeping their focus on the departmental activities carried out under the banner of Spectra, they had decorated their stall with all valuable information.

Next in line was the information science department, who displayed all its major and recent developments and all the initiative undertaken by it to produce well-equipped graduates.

The computer science department also impressed the freshers equally with the display of all the novel ideas in incubation within their department.

Similarly, the computer science department exhibited the numerous activities that they carry out through their departmental forum Lakshya.

A mini car that works without fuel and a mini bike model exhibited by the mechanical department was the center of attraction.

The departments like automobile engineering, aeronautics engineering and construction technology also highlighted their future projects.

And a Placement Pavilion, one of the stalls, displayed its achievements and educated freshers and their parents about the recruitment process, industry requirements and also briefed them about how to face interviews.

The festive and friendly atmosphere of the Freshers Day evinced the desire of senior students to get along well with their juniors.

"When I decided to join an engineering college, it was a nervous and tentative decision. I was a little afraid about the new campus life. The induction programme opened my eyes to a whole new level of technical education. Though I am a newcomer, I could easily get accustomed to the changes. The Freshers Day programme was an extremely innovative manner of showing us our responsibilities as the youngest members of the college," said Shruti a student from the computer science department.

The institute also honored the toppers of the respective departments.

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