Baba Ramdev, India's 'offence minister', wants it straight!

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New Delhi, Aug 9: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has advised the Centre to adopt an eye-for-an-eye tactics against Pakistan and kill at least 50 Pakistani soldiers to avenge the murder of five Indian soldiers in Poonch on Tuesday.

Ramdev said the Congress-led UPA government should tell the nation after the 'apt revenge' is taken instead of just making statements. He criticised the Centre, saying its reaction has damaged the nation's pride and respect by taking no action and issuing wrong statements. He said the country's security, respect and pride are at stake under the current government's stay in office.


A massive protest broke out after India's defence minister AK Antony and his ministry and the army issued contradictory statements about the killers of the Indian soldiers. While Antony initially said it was an attack carried out by militants in Pakistani military outfits, other statements said the Pakistani Army was involved.

The defence ministry's statement issued earlier of that of Antony was withdrawn later but under immense pressure, Antony was forced to issue a fresh statement. It was a major goof-up on behalf of the government, no doubt.

But Baba Ramdev's advice is equally atrocious. It doesn't speak of logic and reason. In January, when one of the Indian soldiers was beheaded at the Line of Control (LoC), Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj said India should bring back 10 heads from Pakistan as a revenge.

Such rhetoric unnecessarily complicate the issues in hand. It is very easy to pass orders from the position of the opposition or a critic while the powerplay at the helm is completely different. There needs to be a comprehensive counter-strategy to deal with Pakistan's continuing mischief and not emotional outbursts. If statements don't help, neither dso sentiments.

The BJP had always spoken in strong nationalistic tune before their coming to power in Centre but after the NDA came to power, the agenda had completely changed. Its prime minister who showed commitment towards improving ties with the neighbour found a shattering betrayal when a bus diplomacy was returned with the Kargil conflict.

Indian soldiers were also tortured and killed at that time. Do we remember Lt Saurabh Kalia? The slain soldier's father has been running from post to pillar for justice for 14 years! How many heads could the saffron leaders bring back from the other side of the border and showed it to the world despite the Pakistanis' barbaric conduct?

Even after the 2001 attacks on Indian Parliament, what could the government precisely do to bring into effect a strong security policy vis-a-vis Pakistan to ensure that the brave soldiers of the country are not sacrificed. Nothing. It is the same thing happening again and again no matter who is in power at the Centre. These same parties demand something when in the opposition ranks to keep themselves alive but forget everything when in power.

So Baba Ramdev, let's stop fuelling nationalist passions even while there is little change on the ground. Yes, the government surely demands severe criticism for its shoddy show on this sensitive issue but that doesn't mean we air senseless views about going on a counter-killing spree. If blood-spilling is the only solution out, then do us a favour by stripping the man who had taught us Ahimsa of his 'father of the nation' title. After that, we can engage in all-out barbarism.

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