PM, poverty, marriage: What's Rahul Gandhi's state of mind?

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New Delhi, Aug 8: After the storm over his poverty remark, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi found himself in the headlines yet again after the newly appointed secretary of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), Swaraj Walmiki remarked that Gandhi has decided to remain unmarried throughout so that he doesn't get distracted from serving the nation.

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Walmiki praised Gandhi as a "great person" who has made a lot of sacrifices. He also cited the example of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former BJP prime minister, who did not marry.


However, the same person made a drastic U-turn when he was asked whether Gandhi had personally told him about his decision not to marry. He said he had never met the Congress vice-president and came to know about the news in the media. "This information could be wrong," Walmiki said in a gesture of surrender.

So, is the Congress party in a state of ignorance? It is amazing to see how a party is solely obsessed with the personal details of an individual, even if those details are not verified. Rahul Gandhi's 'decision not to marry to serve the nation' will sound as bizarre to the countrymen as his 'poverty is a state of mind' remark. For even the Mahatma had also married and yet served the nation till his death.

The fifth-generation leader of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty hasn't served in any position so far to establish himself as a servant of the nation, whether good or bad, and it is futile on the party's behalf to go on projecting him as a potential servant of the nation.

The Congress's stand on the succession issue is getting complicated with each passing day. Rahul Gandhi's reluctant approach has left the party confused about his role, not only as a future prime minister of the country, but even as a husband (whether he marries or not is entirely his personal decision but his own party has made his personal matters subject of endless public speculation). Nobody knows what's the state of Rahul Gandhi's mind. Till the time all facts are cleared, Gandhi's vagueness remains a happy catch for the party detractors and the media.

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