LoC killings: Should India have its defence minister from north?

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Bangalore, Aug 7: The conduct of the Indian leadership in the wake of the killings of the Indian soldiers is not only farcical, it is even more dangerous than our hostile neighbour's sinister designs.

We have a violation of the ceasefire and border and five of our soldiers killed by 'butchers' from Pakistan and even while the Parliament is in session, India's political leadership has effectively done nothing but played out a fracical drama.

India's defence min should be from north

The defence minister has been found making bizarre statements, the prime minister is almost non-existent and the opposition is creating ruckus in the Parliament. And here we talk about teaching Pakistan a lesson?

The defence minister looks to be clueless about India's northern boundaries, the important ones with Pakistan and China. It is difficult to understand what made him say suddenly that the killers were in Pakistani outfits? This was a suicidal remark from the ruling establishment at a time when the country needed to be together to fight the enemy.

It was in contradiction with what the army and the defence ministry had said earlier, accusing the Pakistani Army of the attack. It was also said that more than 20 people had intruded and carried out the attack. Who gave these exact numbers and what were the personnel at the ambushed post doing? What is more shocking is that the defence ministry withdrew its statement later. May be we will see the army also following suit.

One gets a feeling that Antony, a man from South India, isn't very familiar with the Pakistani and Chinese affairs. It is a known fact that Pakistani soldiers carry out anti-India operations in the guise of jihadists and not the other way round. It was seen during the conflicts in 1947-8, 1965 and 1999 and not something for the Indian establishments not to know. Yet, Antony made a terrible goof-up. Moreover, the idea of sending the army chief to the spot also drew much flak for it made the Indian defence functioning look like a 17th-century model where the chief of the army physically attending the site of attack.

The same man was heard saying last October during the completion of 50 years of the India-China war of 1962 that India has come a long way forward since that humiliating war. Did he mean as if the Chinese have remained stuck in 1962? They have been constantly provoking India by violating the Line of Actual Control and yet New Delhi hasn't made any tough stand known. A Chinese general even warned India ahead of Antony's recent visit to that country and there was hardly any reaction.

Is it time that India make it a point to appoint its defence minister from its northern provinces? Antony, who is known for his clean image and simplicity, might not be the most best defence minister India would have but can we put our defence in the crucial northern sectors at risk?

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