AK Antony's statement on Pak's attack creates uproar, houses adjourned

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New Delhi, Aug 7: The BJP has reacted to the news of the killings of five Indian soldiers in Poonch with diplomatically with measured political outrage yesterday. While Yashwant Sinha did try launching an attack on the government with familiar parliamentary metaphors that account for high drama, he was cut short as the House was adjourned.

Leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley, however, took up the issue as threw a host of pointed questions at the government. He also point out the ridiculousness of AK Antony's statement which almost relieved Pakistan of all charges.

Army killing debate: LS and RS adjourned

The person leading the opposition in the Lok Sabha today is Sushma Swaraj who when two soldiers were beheaded, allegedly by the Pakistan Army earlier this year, she had suggested '10 heads be brought back from Pakistan' for every Indian head they have claimed. After the statement he made, AK Antony has literally gone into hiding leaving Manmohan Singh‘s silence to deal with the Opposition's storm.

Swaraj kicked off the session in her trademark fiery mood pointing out the discrepancies in the government's two statements. She launched an attack on AK Antony immediately saying, "I demand the defence minister turn up in the house and apologise before the country for making such dubious statements on a grave incident like this. It can't be coincidence that he is not present in the house right now, so I'll ask the Prime Minister to respond to the demand," she said.

Defence minister AK Antony had issued a statement to both the houses condemning the killings of the Indian soldiers. He said that the infiltration and consequent killing of five Indian soldiers were carried out by at least 20 armed terrorists in Pakistani Army uniforms. He even indicated that there has been a sharp increase in infiltration attempts by terrorists.

Leader of the opposition Arun Jaitley pointed out the section in Antony's statement where he mentions ‘persons dressed in Pakistan Army uniforms'. Given that Pakistan's favourite defence has been denial, Jaitley pointed out that Antony just provided them with an escape route.

To which Antony replied that his statement was a ‘responsible' one and no conclusion should be drawn without a probe.

Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have been adjourned over opposition's uproar over contradictory statements by AK Antony and Army on killing of Indian soldiers.

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