Parliament proceedings: A timeline of disarrayed politics

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New Delhi, Aug 5: With Durga Shakti Ngapal's suspension case creating waves of protest across the country, experts believe that this is going to create similar waves within the parliament too. While there are a lot other things to discuss and worry about, let us see if the politicians have the time for justice for an honest IAS officer.

The monsoon session kick starts exactly at 11:20 am with an address by speaker Meira Kumar; let's check the timeline till now for a sneak peak into the RS.

Rajya Sabha

11:20: The serious or rather gloomy atmosphere breaks into a murmer when the star cricketer Sachin Tendulkar enters the Rajya Sabha, even as speaker Meira Kumar had begun her addressing speech.

11:30 am: 20 minutes of civil behaviour and the parliamentary ruckus begins. As politicians hurl allegations at each other, despite the meek request by the speaker to 'behave'. No one knows what the other is talking about because no one is listening. While the proceedings are still on, one could hear sloganeering outside the hall as a group of MPs from Bodoland (obviously, demanding for a Bodoland state) gather around to voice their demands.

11.40 am: A deviation from the state formation of Telangana; thanks to Anurag Singh Thakur, the BJP MP from Himachal Pradesh who expresses his displeasure at the Congress government's take on building roadways. He alleges that the Congress-led government has stopped building roads. He says,"Atal Behari Vajpayee ji made more highways in the five years NDA was in power than what the Congress has made in the 50 years they have been in power," says Thakur.

12 pm: As hilarious it can be, the RS was a scene of a school where the headmistress tries to bring order to a classroom of hooligans. In an attempt to take a break from listening to the otherwise monotonous sloganeering politicians, the speaker suddenly started applauding the Indian cricket team for winning the Champion's trophy in England and the recent series in Zimbabwe (Tendulkar has a reason to smile now!).

The 'mantris', however, continue with their act of sloganeering, paying no heed to the speaker. Impatient, Meira now scolds, "Can't you see I am felicitating people. Go back and thump your tables. Go back, shout later." she scolds like a good school headmistress. As a matter of surprise, the slogans die down though no one applauds as directed.

12:13 pm: A scene of complete disarray, the RS was divided between sloganeering for a more powerful Supreme Court (by Sharad Yadav of JD (U)) and a demanding platoon of politicians for a separate Bodoland, storming in the sabha. (But, where is Durga Shakti?)

All the best Meira ji, for enduring through the entire (un)parliamentary session! We just hope that there is peace after 12 noon (as the session has been adjourned till that time).

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