Post Telangana, Shoaib Malik may wonder where his sasural is

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Bangalore, July 31: The formation of Telangana as a new state is likely to raise some confusion for Shoaib Malik, the Pakistani cricketer who has married Indian tennis queen Sania Mirza, who hails from Hyderabad.

Here is an imagined communication between the sporting couple on this.

Shoaib: Honey, what's happening in your country? Hearing some division is taking place. Why does your country is always dividing something or the other?


Sania: What do you mean by my country dividing something or the other? Please come again!

Shoaib (mellowing down): No, no, please don't get me wrong. I was asking where is my sasural (in-laws' home) actually now? Is it still in India?

Sania: Yes, very much in India, sir! It is just that my hometown has become a capital of two states which have been formed by dividing a single state called Andhra Pradesh. This arrangement will be there for 10 years.

Shoaib: Oh I see. So what are the states now? No more Andhra Pradesh?

Sania: No, they are called Telangana and Seemandhra and Hyderabad falls in the former.

Shoaib: Okay. But does such division helps? Just imagine, had our countries been together, we would have belonged to the same nation.

Sania: True, but also think otherwise. You love batting against India and has more centuries against us. You would have missed all the enjoyment had there been one country.

Shoaib: Come on dear. I would have scored centuries against somebody else.

Sania: Given the form you are in, I doubt if you would have even got a call in a cricket team of united India.

Shoaib: Okay, okay. Let's talk something else.

Sania: About Telangana?

Shoaib: Okay. Let's hear about it (with a gloomy look)

Sania: Don't have to listen dear, you will feel bored. Do one thing. Go to You will get all details on this topic.

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