Man batters 8-year old daughter to death

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Crime Scene
Bangalore, July 27: In a gruesome incident, a father battered his 8 year-old daughter to death with a rolling pin as she was not able to answer his questions during revision. This happened in Avalahalli, near Byatarayanapura, off Mysore road on Thursday night.

The class 3 student from SGS school, Mysore road, was reportedly beaten to death as Satyanarayan Singh, 43, a plastic utensils trader was ‘provoked' by her disinterest in studies. 8 year old Neha was his daughter from first wife who had committed suicide due to dowry harassment in 2006. A case was registered against Singh for dowry harassment and murder of his wife.

Neha, newly borned then, was taken away by her maternal grandparents in Shimoga. But she was brought back by her father just 2 months ago, assuring good education. Relatives, however, say otherwise. As per them, Satyanarayan hated the sight of Neha. Hence, police is not ruling out the possibility of a premeditated murder plot.

What happened?

Neha's parental grandparents have every reason to believe that Satyanarayan was avenging his jail term for the dowry harassment case that they had lodged against him after their daughter committed suicide.

"We had requested him not to take away Neha and had promised him that we would take good care of her. He took away all her belongings and forced us to let her go by calling a panchayat and threatening to file a habeas corpus against us," said Raghunath Singh, her grandfather.

Was revenge a motive?

Yes, opine many. Even when he insisted on taking care of his daughter, he used to torture her, said neighbours and relatives. Satyanarayan's cousin had seen him beat her harshly many times. And when he insisted on taking care of her, the former refused to do so.

"He hated his first wife, Asha Singh, because he had spend six months in jail for her. Hence, he took out the grudge on her little daughter. His mother is an accomplice too. I am sure she had instigated him to do so," said a sorrowful Raghunath.

"He first killed our daughter and escaped the crime because the court had acquitted him. But, we would not spare him for what he has done now,"he further added.

Father turned monster

On investigations, Satyanarayan related the entire story confessing of bludgeoning her. On that fateful day, Neha was studying when her father asked a few questions from her homework. Unable to answer, she got hit by him.

Following this, he left her alone in the room and went out with his family. On returning, he found that she had fallen asleep, which enraged him. On asking her the same questions again, she failed again.

In a fit of rage, Satyanarayan dragged her to a different room and started beating her with a rolling pin. He hit her all over the body and allegedly clubbed her several times on her head. She died on the spot.

The entire episode happened when Satyanarayan's second wife and his mother were busy watching television in a different room. Neighbors came to know of the incident because of the commotion and on arriving they found Neha's body. When questioned, Satyanarayan said that Neha was beaten up in a shop and she came home and collapsed.

Unconvinced, the neighbors called the police. The behaviour of the family, his criminal records and the circumstantial evidences heightened police's suspicion. Satyanarayan was arrested and brought to the Byatarayanapura police station and questioned him. He confessed, ultimately.

D Rajappa, DCP (West) said, "We have booked him for murder."

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