Narendra Modi trails Rahul in south, is English a factor?

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Bangalore, July 27: The CNN-IBN poll survey in partnership with The Hindu (conducted by the CSDS, New Delhi) revealed on Friday that Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is leading the pack as the most-favoured prime ministerial candidate.


Survey findings:

The list of leaders preferred as prime ministerial candidate at this point of time:

Leader % wanting him/her as PM % in 2009
Narendra Modi 19 2
Rahul Gandhi 12 6
Sonia Gandhi 5 16
Manmohan Singh 6 18
Mayawati 3 5
Advani 2 15
No idea 39 20

When compared between Modi and Rahul, while 33% wants the former as the PM, 31% wants the latter.

Regionwise Modi Rahul
North India 37 29
Central India 41 33
West India 43 33
East 34 30
South 17 37

Among Muslim voters, while 45% want Rahul Gandhi as the prime minister, 18% back Modi.

Among Congress workers, 66% wants Rahul Gandhi as the PM while in the BJP, 79% wants Modi as the PM.

In Congress
Leader Percentage
Rahul Gandhi 48%
Sonia Gandhi 16%
Manmohan Singh 14%
Chidambaram 2%
Leader Percentage
Modi 66%
Advani 12%
Sushma 5%
Arun Jaitley 1%
Rajnath Singh 1%

Experts say:

1. Narendra Modi leads for her has proved himself as an administrator. Rahul Gandhi is yet to accomplish 'any job'.

2. Narendra Modi doesn't have much appeal in the south for he hardly speaks in English.

3. The BJP's little presence in the south is another reason behind Modi's less popularity.

4. Narendra Modi's popularity ahead of that of either the BJP or the NDA.

5. The total votes in favour of Rahul or Modi are not much. Regional leaders are also important.

6. The next Lok Sabha election is set to be more presidential than ever though the experts were divided on this. Some said the basic structure of the Indian electoral politics doesn't allow it to become a presidential type. Personalities still matter, feel many of the experts.

7. The Congress is more confused over choosing a prime ministerial candidate and needs to settle it fast. Rahul Gandhi looks reluctant to take up the top job.

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