Meals for Rs 12, Rs 5, Re 1...I told my wife and she laughed

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Bangalore, July 26: My grandparents had told me that they had to spend less than Re 1 for almost a month's ration. I used to wonder: Are they joking? But now, the Congress and some of its allies have forced me to believe in the miracle.

In the past two days, while two Congress leaders from Uttar Pradesh said meals were available for Rs 12 in Mumbai and Rs 5 in Delhi, a former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir said Re 1 was enough to fill up the stomach! Indeed, the India success story is complete. I can now reply back to my grandparents and say that not all is lost.

But my wife laughed at me. As the 'home minister', she asked me whether the politicians are making fun of us, the ordinary people. I said no, why will they make fun? They, as our guardians, are trying to make us feel happy and even trying to feed us with nice words. We don't really have to think about the well-being of our children and their future. India is back into the days of prosperity.

It will be so nice from here on. I won't have to ask my boss for a salary hike, will not complain again over the rise of fuel for my car and will settle all long-term loans in a few months! Yet, I will have so much to save that I could even plan a few foreign vacations with my family. How about it? I am even thinking about changing my small car and go for a SUV. It will help us to add more long drives to our normal trip schedules. We can stay in five-star hotels and not look for middle-range hotels. Come on, finally, we are rich!

Tring, tring! What's that? "Get up, you are getting late!" Getting late? I thought I was getting rich?

No man, actually I was getting late for office. I opened my eyes and saw the woman who told me that our politicians are befooling us with the Rs 5 and Rs 12 stories.

It was a nice dream. Thanks all those ministers who made us feel good. We really look forward to leaders like you. I must learn it from you and tell my wife how she is misleading me.

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