I invite Modi to debate on Gujarat growth model: Tewari

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New Delhi, July 25: In a press meet on Thursday, Congress spokesperson and Union Minister Manish Tewari threw an open challenge to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to debate on his "so popular" Gujarat growth model at a time and place of the CM's convenience.

"If the Gujarat Chief Minister is so confident of his growth model, let us have a debate on it. I invite him to a debate at a time and place of his convenience," Tewari said.

Call Narendra Modi for debate: Tewari

"Let the people of the country be the judge of the debate."

On being asked if the debate would also include Modi's human rights record, Tewari quipped, "No. I don't think we need a debate on his human rights record.. it speaks for itself.. something that is so self speaking I don't think requires a debate."

Tewari also said that he respects the BJP President Rajnath Singh but he contradicts himself. "I respect the BJP President but he keeps contradiciting himself. One day he criticises English, the next day he says he was misquoted."

Speaking on the controversy engulfing Nobel Prize Winner Professor Amartya Sen, Tiwari said it was pure fascism. "If this is not pure fascism, what is? Are people in this country not entitled to a view."

FirstPost also reported that he also hit out at those asking that the Bharat Ratna awarded to Sen be revoked by the government saying it was curtailing ones freedom of speech. "Does BJP believe in the freedom of speech or not? Are people not entitled to express their views?"

"What kind of mentality is this? Either you're with us or against us, if you are against us, then you must return the Bharat Ratna. What has Mr Amartya Sen done?", he asked.

So now everyone is awaiting the response of Narendra Modi on the challenge thrown open by Manish Tewari. The bulls will lock horns soon!

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