Pics: Alpana by Ishtaa, groom yourself with Gold Jewellery

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Coimbatore, July 22: As they say -- there are three things that a woman would never let go - her clothes, her values and her jewellery. So, here comes the special treat for women.

Alpana by Ishtaa - the collection is a celebration of true beauty which shines in its purity. It is a reflection of today's consumer who wants to be trendy and make a bold statements; be it home, office, shopping or at parties. Recently launched Alpana collection is just perfect for them.

Ishtaa is the 18 Kt CZ Gold Jewellery brand with outlets over India. Ishtaa comes from the Emerald Group. Emerald is the largest Jewellery manufacture in the SAARC Countries. Emerald currently boosts of having five brands with them: Ishtaa, Nishtaa, FFF, Corona and Jewel One.

Emerald Brands

Emerald owns 5 Brands and is one of the few manufacturers whose brands are available across the length and breath of the country.


18 Kt gold jewellery set with highest grade of Swarovski Cubic Zirconia stones. Innovative manufacturing techniques produce light jewellery with stunning perfection which makes Ishtaa an affordable every day wear for the modern women.


22 Kt plain gold and Swarovski Cubic Zirconia studded jewellery. Nishtaa combines traditional craftsmanship with state of art technologies like stamping and filigree. The range offers a unique blend of classic and modern.


It is a special line of contemporary gold jewellery for infants and youth of today. FFF:) creates a new segment for jewellery and has great potential as a gift brand. It is 18 Kt plains gold jewellery and also set with highest grade of Swarovski Cubic Zirconia stones.


18 Kt gold and diamond studded jewellery. It is a trade brand with innovative designing complimented by superb finishing.

Jewel One

A brand for wholesale trade which comprises of many collections which cater to basic needs of every jeweller. Combination of handcrafted and machine made jewellery is the highlight. It is the largest distributed jewellery brand in the country.

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