'Dead' woman was with lover, calls kin

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Tamil Nadu
Chennai, July 22: In a strange incident here, a family received a call from their 'dead' daughter, informing that she was alive. 28 year old Ganga Devi was reportedly missing since July 13 and was believed to be dead when the Kaveripakkam police in Vellore district discovered a highly decomposed body of a woman, dumped in a sack last Wednesday.

The woman's husband and her relatives misidentified the body and confirmed that the body was that of Ganga Devi. Learning that the family was about to claim the body, Ganga Devi called her brother Sugumaran, informing that she was alive, police said.

Police revealed further that she was afraid to return home because her family knew that she had been with her lover Karthik in a Coimbatore hotel and has run out of money. Karthik was a neighbour of Ganga Devi's parents in Tirunindravur.

Even as the woman is supposed to return to her hometown today, the police has more hard work in store. They have to go back to the files and investigate the mystery behind the body in the sack. The body was reportedly naked and was wearing only a chain with a pendant, and a wristband when police found it.

Kaveripakkam inspector M Somasundaram further added "She appeared to have been killed at least four days before her body was discovered," he said. "Her body was swollen. We could find no trace of external injuries," he further added.

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