US intelligence court renews Verizon Communications

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Washington, July 20: In a move to re-instate the authenticity of collecting call records from across the world to curb terror attack ploys, the US Intelligence court renewed an order on Friday to continue forcing Verizon Communications to turn over call records to the government.

Although this order has been there for years until it was exposed in June by NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden. Snowden named two top secret US Surveillance programs that were used by the US To "snoop" in the telephonic calls of other countries. Many countries have criticized this as "breach of trust and privacy".

The act of renewing the order was proof that the Obama administration and the court of 11 federal judges stand behind the legality and the authenticity of the order.

The two undercover programs run by the NSA intercept millions of telephone and internet records that are routed through US networks each day.

In a response to a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against the Obama administration, assistant U.S. attorneys in Manhattan defended that "highly sensitive and in many respects, still classified intelligence-collection program" required the collection and storage of a large volume of information about unrelated communications to fight terrorism.

He further added that information is limited to data relating to date of origination, termination of telephone numbers and the date, time, and duration of each call. The intelligence confirmed that the database would only be used in case of suspicion.

Other telephone carriers have also been ordered to give details of their customers' calls to the NSA and also data acquired from Yahoo and Facebook to help them curb any suspicious activities.

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