A guide to make Paris 'tourist-friendly'

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A guide to make Paris
Paris, July 19:In a move to shed the image of France as a 'rude' country, the tourism department here has issued a manual to make the country more friendly to tourists. From shop owners to taxi drivers, waiters to guides, everyone has to follow the manual, depending on the nationality of the visitors.

One of the most-visited tourist destinations in the world, Paris has also hit the headlines several times because of the rudeness of its people toward tourists and the growing cases of pickpockets. This manual is not meant for various departments alone, but also for visitors who need to keep a check of certain things during a vacation in the country.

Explaining in various languages, the manual emphasizes on tourist safety and asks them to be aware of pickpockets and thugs who may loot them. Moreover, there are organized gangs from Eastern Europe that add to the woes of the tourists here. These gangs usually create a ruckus at some of the renowned sites in Paris.

Police has now deported 200 officers who patrol the city premises to protect the tourists and crack down upon the pickpockets and the anti-social elements.

Paris has welcomed 29 million visitors in 2013 and the footfall is expected to grow by 10 million in the coming years. This move, surely, is going to be in favour of the country as the tourists already see a difference in their reception.

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